​[Untitled Project] #213 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Greenside at Infirmary Street, Ivy Studio - Venue 236

3-16 August

5:15pm (50 min)

​[Untitled Project] #213 in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly playwright Steve Pacek on loss and the healing art of theatre. "I still feel like that’s how we communicate. Nonverbal, nonphysical, but through little messages that the universe drops along the way."

​[Untitled Project] #213 in Forbes Magazine

Philly’s proximity to New York City gives it access to rich theater resources and an incredible pool of talent (both onstage and off) that most other American cities can only dream of, and this season, many of its storied theaters are shifting their attention to social issues.  This summer, Discover A Summer Of Social Exploration And Identity With These 5 Philadelphia Productions!  

[Untitled Project] #213 in Instinct Magazine

Theatre Horizon Visionary Steve Pacek - How “[UNTITLED PROJECT] #213” Carves Out Beauty Onstage In Today’s World



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NBC 10 Philadelphia Interview



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Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Greenside @ Infirmary Street

Ivy Studio

Shows at: 17:15 (50 min)

GALLERY photos by Ashley Smith, Wide Eyed Studios

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